AIR-FLOW Therapy is an advanced biofilm management system that uses air polishing in combination with low-abrasive powders that feel just like water.

Instead of using traditional rubber cup polishers or hand and power scaling, our use of AIR-FLOW removes biofilm — the sticky plaque that can cause decay — and stains on the most hard-to-reach and delicate tooth surfaces. This includes crowded teeth, periodontal pockets, implants, restorations, and around orthodontic brackets.

AIR-FLOW Therapy offers complete biofilm removal and can be used on patients of all ages. Since it is safe to use on surfaces where biofilm accumulation can be particularly harmful, such as below the gum line and on implants, AIR-FLOW Therapy aids in the reduction of inflammation and the prevention of related diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis.

Thanks to AIR-FLOW, you’ll have a more pleasant dental experience and leave our office with teeth that feel smooth and clean.

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